Dyson DC39 Ball Multi floor Pro Canister Vacuum for Pet Hairs


Well, We all know that Dyson is the one of the most popular names in the vacuum cleaner market for cleaning pet hairs. Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum is one of the most popular model among the Dyson brand. There is a similar product Dyson DC39 animal Canister Vacuum . Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum and Animal are both same when it comes to the performance of the unit. The accessories that comes along with Dyson which makes all the difference between two, Dyson animal gets an extra tool which is particularly used to tackle pet hairs. Well Let's get into the skin of this Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum to understand better whether this is the perfect choice for your needs ?

The performance of this unit is really top class when compared to the other models which came before this. It might look like a small unit but it's packed with strong suction power and better cleaning abilities than previous ones.Every part that comes along with this vacuum can be easily replaced. This is also a bag less canister vacuum for pet hairs, so you need to worry about cleaning bags anymore, just clean and dump the waste in dust bin.

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The best thing about this vacuum is the ball technology which provides smooth mobility while cleaning the home without hitting any obstacles like walls, furniture etc. It's also lightweight which makes it easier to pull the unit in different direction according to your cleaning path. The switching mechanism on this unit is placed conveniently which makes an easier transition from carpets to floors. With swivel action in place its makes easier to move across furniture. One more cool fact about this pet canister vacuum is it operates in silent mode without causing much disturbance to you.

Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum for Pet Hairs Pros and Cons


Smooth Mobility:

This is one of the best design feature of the Dyson ball canister which makes it easier to clean pet hairs around furniture and tight corners. The ball technology ensure that you can easily twist and turn the unit without any trouble. The Dyson ball design technology makes sure the movement and mobility is smooth.


This unit is a well designed R&D product with thorough testing. To give an example a simple rotation across the handle of the unit makes adjustments accordingly in the head of the unit.

Performance of Carpets and Hardwood Floors, Tile Floors and Bare Floors

Dyson Dc39 Canister Vacuum Performs great on different types of surfaces and also on pets. This vacuum cleaners is best suitable for all types of floors. Without changing head you can use this canister vacuum to deep clean carpets that's not the case with many canister vacuums.

This unit comes with a hanger to hang all the accessories along with the unit in front of the head.

The trigger handle is exceptionally designed which will tackle lot of headaches while cleaning.


They have used many plastic parts in designing of the unit. Most likely this won't be a problem but in the long run you might face durability issue.